From Afro Ink:

For anyone, white, black or otherwise, to walk into a business and murder the occupants, for any reason, is horrifying. No one goes to work expecting to be slaughtered, and my heart goes out to all the families touched by this tragedy.

But we don’t live on the “Little House on the Prairie“. Gone are the days of old fashioned wisdom and the prevailing of cooler heads. Today, we live in a volatile society. People murder each other over nothing, everyday. And it doesn’t take much to push people’s buttons. And if you add a sociopathic personality to that mix, you get a walking time-bomb.

Before the DC sniper shootings, the face of mass shooting culprit was often a white one, but when the shooter is black we rarely stop to think about how racism or discrimination played a role. I think it’s very possible that in the case of Omar Thornton it did–and recent stories have pointed to this fact. We should really have more conversations about Black people, racism, pathology, and sociopathic behavior. The connections could amaze you.

One could say “What does it matter? Innocent people were killed.” But without understanding the link between a violent act and outside factors that lead up to someone to go on a killing spree. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if instead of asking these type of questions, the media is still focused on the “black man goes and kills people” angle. Sigh.