A few weeks ago after a friend’s birthday party, I decided to take a cab. As I was hailing the taxi, I had about 6 cars pull up next to me. Men were asking me if I “needed a ride” and calling me things like “baby” or “sweetie.”

Most notably, after I was getting annoyed and frustrated, a man about 60 slows down on the other side of the street. “I’ll give you a ride baby,” he says.

“You are NOT a cab,” I shout out.”

Then this fool says,

“aw girl, I need a lil gas money!”

I waved him off and he kept driving.

Also, a woman about 50 stopped too. “Do you need a ride, baby?” she asks.

“Are you a taxi? NO, I do NOT,” I say.

Then this heffa decides to get indignant. “well DAMN, I was JUST TRYNA BE NICE!”

She drives off, mumbling curses.

I want to know today,

Are women really getting into strange cars with strange people?

The reason why men (and some women) do this, is because it works with some of us. And that part really scares and worries me.

Do you know how many women end up beaten, killed, kidnapped, or raped under these circumstances?

Why is this working with anyone?

I am a single woman in Washington, DC, which still has a high crime rate. I can’t take any chances and I hope my sisters out there aren’t either.

I just was so angry. Firstly, to approach me like I’m a damn prostitute and THEN insult my intelligence by thinking I’m going to get into a car with a stranger?

You slay me.