I’m so very tired of pundits using the word “Post-Racial” to describe Obama. I heard it twice this morning already. And apparently, I’m not the only one. From Jack and Jill Politics:

Yet, when it comes to the electing of Barack Obama – no White, Latino, Asian, Native American, or Jew, is being asked to become “Post-Anything”; but African-Americans are expected to become “Post-Black”. Like the issues I mentioned would become universal when Black People stop harping about it. Why is THAT? And why do people in certain circles believes that the election of Barack Obama will just magically absolve them of any guilt they may feel, or reinforce to themselves that they cannot be bigoted because they went into the booth and pulled the lever for a brotha. Why can’t Obama be a qualified guy for the job who happens to be African-American?

Short Answer – it is like that because the Corporate owned Media defines it, just like they define “our” issues, and not because we ALLOW them to define our issues – they just take it upon themselves, with a little help from slave catcher members like DL Hughley, Amy Holmes, or Ward Connerly who purport to speak for all African-Americans when we damned well know they don’t come within ten feet of where we live, where we work, where our children go to school, where we socialize, or even where we worship, while they distort the hell out of everything related to the Black Community, get fat paid and a pat on the head for being a good “House Negro”.

I have to agree. referring to Senator Obama as “Post-Black” does disregard the fact that he is indeed a Black man, but also it assumes that my problems as a Black woman will dissipate if he becomes President, and we’ve got to know that it’s not true.

So, if and when Senator Obama may become President Obama, please don’t put the added burden of expectation on the brothat to make sure Black People are going to land on Free and Easy Street because we will not. Anyone drunk on that kool-aid is going to wake up a year from now royally pissed off.

you tell ’em, girl.