Rosetta Thurman is one of my girlfriends and the writer at Perspectives From the Pipeline. Today she talks about how it felt to vote for Obama:

I made it all the way into the voting booth before it really hit me. The white screen staring back at me really bore the name of a black man for president of these united states. Having watched DL Hughley on
Larry King the night before, I couldn’t help but admit I shared his fear that “they” would mess up everything on the most important election day in our country’s history. I kept thinking that somehow
white folks would find a way to keep americans from voting for change.

As a Gen Yer it struck me that I should be more optimistic…more accepting that the world is watching us vote by the millions for who only forty years ago in this country would be called “nigger” right to his face. But instead as a young black woman I was afraid that Barack’s name wouldn’t even show on the ballot in some freak glitch of the voting machine.

But Barack’s name WAS there. and as I touched the little box marking my X for the democratic ticket…I began to cry. tears of hope that in america we ARE over our worst times and headed toward the best.
Wiping my eyes as I walked out of the polling place, I spotted an elderly black woman walking in. she smiled at me as if knowing exactly how I felt.