Guess who’s bizzack (c) Jay-Z and Scarface

Aight, let’s get right to it:

  • You embarrass me. You Embarrass yourself. That’s right, I’m talking to you Monica Conyers:

Some of you may have heard about this already, but Monica Conyers, the President Pro Tem of the Detroit City Council, got into a shouting match with Council woman Joann Watson and President of the City Council President Ken Cockrel. At the height of the foolishness, Conyers refers to Cockrel as “Shrek.” Leading up to that, she had blurted out,

“You’re not my daddy!You do that at home, not here. Give me some respect ’cause I’m tired of that. You may not do that at home, but you gon do it up in here.”Grow up! Control your house and you’ll know how to treat women better.”

Nevermind the fact that Cockrel was just doing his job and attempting to keep the order in the session. And yet Monica Conyers, a grown woman, deemed it necessary to attack the man personally like she was a 12 year old brat. It was probably the most embarrassing spectacle of I’ve ever seen from one of our so-called Black Leaders.

If Monica’s last name sounds familiar to you, it’s because she is the wife of Congressman John Conyers, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee. And Speaking of 12 year olds, check out this clip of 8th grader Kierra Bell questioned Conyers actions:

…out of the mouth of babes. Conyers was rendered almost speechless. You go, girl. Maybe you can take Ms. Conyer’s place one day.

  • Ciao, Bella!: The Saartjie Project, a collective of artists exploring the legacy of the Hottentot Venus, now has a great article about the newest cover of Italian Vogue via The Root. It’s so interesting to me how other [European] cultures have embraced Black female beauty. in a way that American culture has yet to.
  • Another installment of “Don’t dress your daughter like a skank”: Long story short-Marche Taylor, High School senior, was arrested when refusing to leave when the principal told her that her skimpy prom dress would bar her from entry into to prom.
  • [Marche Taylor] was told her custom-made dress violated the school dress code.

    At that point, Taylor said she was furious. She said if she couldn’t get in, she wanted her money back.

    Things got so bad that someone called the police. Officers showed up, handcuffed her and escorted her out. from KHOU

My verdict: sorry, this girl ain’t a victim.

the principal did what she had to do—uphold of standard of appropriate dress for a prom, which meant that girls would not be allowed to have their ASSets hangin out everywhere and pass it off as “cute.” (the dress wasn’t anywhere NEAR cute—but that is a different story as this is not a fashion blog :-))

As for the girl getting arrested–let’s be clear: the girl wasn’t being arrested for wearing the dress. She was being arrested for causing a scene when she found out she couldn’t go to her prom.

I can’t pass all the blame on the girl though. I’ve discussed this here before, and if any of you were to log on to What About Our Daughters, they would agree–parents need to teach their daughters about what is and is not age-appropriate. My mother would have looked at me crazy if I had even suggested wearing a get-up like that, and it’s because she taught me better than that.