Maybe I’m late with this, but apparently, Facebook now has a “Have Sex!” application.

Yeah, you heard me. See it for yourself.

The application is set up so that you can “have sex” with anyone on Facebook who also has the application–it includes places and positions as well. As if that wasn’t enough, when the application shows up on your profile it may read a little something like this:

4 People have already had sex with Keisha.

If they can, you can too!

I can see some potential Facebook drama coming out of this…especially if it involves any one of the following:

1.-people using the “have sex!” application with folks to the point where their number hits the double digits…

2.-people who’s facebook status says “in a relationship” using the said application with folks other than their S.O., which can result in..

3.-angry inboxes telling folks to STAY AWAY FROM MY (WO)MAN

Some of the applications I don’t mind much. I’m actually a fan of the “Addicted to The Wire” application and I found the “Which 50’s Pin-Up Girl are You?” quiz to be a nice lil diversion (I’m Marilyn Monroe for anyone who is interested).

But the “Have Sex!” application, I think, takes things way too far and makes the Make A Baby application look like the epitome of class.

I know it’s supposed to be all fun and games, but in the end, it’s not. Because everyone knows that what happens on Facebook NEVER stays on Facebook, and the belief that Facebook never lies normally rings true. And if you think of Facbeook as a college community at heart, applicatons like these are how rumors get started.