my xi sigma sweeties

I realize with this post that I will have to “out” myself as a member of a Black Greek Letter Organization (BGLO)

I am a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. I am also the charter member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Xi Sigma Chapter at The George Washington University, and I served as the first chapter president there. I’ll be 4 zeta years old this year 🙂 and no matter what the haters say, I love my organization to the fullest.

That said, a few weeks ago I became privy to the latest in the stuff people like phenomenon, Stuff Black Greeks Like. Now I will say that the blog, while biting (sometimes a bit too biting), is actually pretty funny at times. The anonymous writer’s entry about the Alpha Kappa Alpha/Delta Sigma Theta Rivalry had me dyin:

Ever seen a girl fight where the women are about to go at it? The crowd gathers for the brawl… the women gather to choose a side and jump in if need be, the men just want to see a shirt get ripped off to see some titties… such is the rivalry between the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha and Delta Sigma Theta.

…because in some ways it is true.

But with that said, I’m concerned about the overall feel of the blog…it is not really a list of things Black Greeks like per se, rather it is a list of things we don’t like OR that we just seem to tolerate…so as a stuff people like format, it might get a fail.

He or she is an equal opportunity @$$hole in a sense that EVERYBODY gets an insult or two thrown at them on this blog. My own organization has been called out on BS by the blogger and by some of the more ignorant commentators….so whoever reads the blog pretty much has to have a thick skin. If there’s one thing I learned as an undergrad Zeta it was how to take negativity in stride. Unfortunately, not everyone learns that. That, my friends, is A WHOLE ‘NOTHER discussion.

So who’s the mystery blogger? That’s just the thing. I don’t think it’s just one blogger.

I actually happen to think–after my beau and I further examined the blog entries and the writing style(s)–that it is a team or a duo of BLGO members, perhaps one male and one female.

I also happen to think it’s an AKA and an Alpha, and the only reason I say that is that there is a slight bias in their favor.

Anyway even though the blog is funny and painfully true in some regards, it still leaves me feeling some kinda way about it. I mean I know it’s in “good fun” but I don’t know how I feel about the fact that they seem to know so much about the organizations (though they did mess up on Honorable/Notable Members as some of the people listed were NOT members of the corresponding organizations…which means whoever told them was wrong too…again, another topic)

Well played though. I guess.

On that note I want to congratulate my undergrad chapter, Xi Sigma, on their Spring 2008 neos! The coming out show was fantaZtic 🙂 congratulations, neos! now, get me a drink! 😉

y’all know i’m jus’ playin. i love you.