….hell yeah I’m still doing this. April has just started and Women’s History should be celebrated all year round anyway, as should Black History. so there! 😛

And with that, I bring you Betty Wright, soul sister extraordinaire:

Some of you may be very familiar with “Tonight is the Night”. particularly because of the hook: “Tonight is the night you make me a woman…”

And if you hadn’t guessed, the song is about “making love for the very first time” as she tells us in her humorous but matter-of-factly way during her classic two-minute monologue.

I almost forgot about this song until a friend of mine had the above link in her Gchat status….I fell in love with it all over again when I finally clicked the link after coming home from work. She speaks in a candid, sincere way about her first sexual experience in a way that very few female artists had done at that time, but in a way that was timely—this song was released in 1974, right in the middle of the Womens’ Movement.

Black female sexuality is a topic that I’ve explored both as an English major and as a womanist who is dedicated to women and girls’ advocacy. This song–aside from the sense of humor Betty Wright displays so well –reminds me of how important it is for women of color to embrace their sexuality in a positive way. More often then not, in the age of HIV, video vixens, and (sigh) men on the “down low” we forget that sex is supposed to be something beautiful and precious and–yes,–memorable. And that, to me, is just as important as learning about safe sex, abstinence, love relationships, and the like.

To switch gears, I thought I’d throw in another song by her. Here’s “Girls Can’t Do What the Guys Can Do” :

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for a few days…great commentary on the double standard…it’s true, girls simply can’t always do what guys do and get the same amount of respect. The more things change the more they stay the same.

On a lighter note, “Girls Can’t Do What the Guys Can Do” was sampled by one Beyonce Knowles. I’m usually pretty good with samples but even I didn’t catch this one: