I know it’s been a while, so I’m just gonna jump right in:

I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this before. I was on the Green Line the other day when i saw two 8 year old girls decked out in skinny jeans and door knockers. oh, and they had on the boots with the fur.

skinny jeans?

Door knockers?

eight year olds?

….boots with the fur?

I’ll never understand how “grown” these little girls are dressing now. When I was eight, do you know what I as wearing? I was wearing jumper overalls.

I mean sure, looking back, now that I’m in my 20s they were pretty lame…but you know what?

They were age appropriate.

And I guess that’s my point….when did parents stop dressing their girls appropriately? Since when did they start dressing kids up in designer clothes? When I was 8, my mom boughtmy clothes from Sears. I wasn’t dressed like a 22-year-old fashionista, I was dressed like a little Black girl.

All of this goes back to my discussion about sexual maturity a few weeks ago…we’ve gotta let our girls be girls. But I’m gonna take off my girls’ advocate hat, otherwise we’ll be here all night.

support black bloggers. all the cool kids are doin’ it: Some of you may remember Kwame Boadi from previous plugs for his column at Brooklyn Bodega. His own blog is back with a vengeance…Check it out his musings on the science of the “dap,” election ’08, and the puzzling history of the name Kwame.

Worth a Click: What Black Men Think is a documentary dispelling many stereotypes about Black men—for instance, are there REALLY more black men in jail than in college? if you believe so, is it simply because society has embedded this “statistic” into our minds? Definitely worth a look. There are clearly many struggles that Black men face, but when you take a closer look there really is hope–and in a few cases it’s not as bad as we are made to believe.

The film explores the issue of black marriage, the use of the N-word, academic achievement, crime. “There is a disconnect between perception and reality,” Morton says.

Read More from director Janks Morton at Washington Post.

And now, another awesome Obama pic:

Obama ’08. Pennsylvania. Let’s get it.