This series of posts will do exactly what the title says: highlight a few women who I think are just fabulous.

 noisettes.jpgnoisettes.jpgnoisettes.jpgShingai Shoniwa-lead singer of Noisettes

I was introduced to Noisettes by a friend of mine in Chicago. I had heard a few of their tracks on, but I hadn’t really paid attention to them. When I heard their album, What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?, They quickly became one of my favorite new groups. Once on a random Wikipedia search, I came across an entry about beautiful Shingai Shoniwa, the lead singer and a black girl who truly rocks.

Born in the U.K. by way of Zimbabwe,  was a burlesque dancer and studied circus skills as a highschooler before making it big. But it was music that helped Shingai survive. On living in the South London equivalent of the projects and music as an escapism:

“Wanting to escape from reality can inspire the greatest and most trivial creative natures in people..I think escapism is something that connects all of us. Everybody has their own little soundtrack, and I guess I’m trying to make my own soundtrack to my escape plan. I want people to realize that there’s so much more.”

What I love about Shingai Shoniwa is not only her incredible voice, or her ‘rocker babe’ sex appeal. I think her devotion to issues like HIV/AIDS and Darfur is so inspiring. I wish more artists would hold themelves accountable to issues like this, especially Black women artists.

I also would be remiss to say how proud I am to have another Black female making rock music and to make it to the mainstream. I can’t wait to see what Shingai does next, especially with the success of Noisettes.

And if you haven’t heard of them, here’s a track….the video for “Don’t Give Up”:

…And a live performance of my favorite song on the album, IWE: