So most of you know by now that Hillary Clinton is the declared winner for the Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island primaries, staying in the race and presumably ending Obama’s 12 straight winning streak.

I’m not a hatin-ass Obama supporter. This isn’t going to be a tirade about how mad I am that Obama didn’t put the smack down on Hillary the way we all hoped, or claim the Hillary “stole the election” or anything like that.

…with that being said, it ain’t over til the fat lady sings.

Obama’s speech in Texas last night:

The results of last night’s primary wasn’t a good thing or a bad thing—It simply means that the race is–wait for it–too close to call at this point. Obama is still leading in terms of delegates–According to CNN, he has 1,378 pledged delegates and superdelegates to Hillary’s 1,269. In some ways this race is so close that I along with lots of other voters just wanted it to be over….unfortunately, last night was not that night.

Folks, the suspense is killing me.

Stay tuned later today for my take on Preacher John Hagee supporting McCain…