Sorry I’ve been so slow about updates, people–life is stupid busy right now–but here are some notes on a few things from the blogosphere and beyond:

  • Firstly this infuriating story out of South Africa. To sum it up, a group of White students at the University of the Free State forced Black employees to eat food that had been urinated on. I have really no words for this…firstly the irony behind the name of the school…and then this story being another example of how similar South African’s racial climate is to America after the Civil Rights Movement. Because there can no longer be overtly racist laws….racism and racist attitudes and habits manifest themselves in ways very much like what is described here. I could go on but this article just makes me too angry. On a lighter note:
  • So by now many of you have heard of a little blog called Stuff White People Like. Well…now there is another blog of the same style called—wait for it–Stuff Educated Black People Like! I’m low key psyched about it…while it’s all in good fun and it just started, the things that are written about are VERY true (did somebody say baked chicken?). Check it out right here.
  • Finally I’d like to share this picture with all of you:ride em cowboy

That’s right. B-Rock is stylin’ on you.