Why is this guy running?

First, he screws the 2000 Election. The votes that should have gone to Kerry went to Nader…and we all know what happened next.

Second, he decides it would be a splendid idea to announce his bid for the presidency right in the middle of one of the closest Democratic races in recent history.* Against Hillary Clinton, a highly experienced New York Senator and former First Lady, and Barack Obama, a charismatic Freshman Senator who has more than proven to be the favorite as of late.

Oh yeah. Capital idea, Mr. Nader.
Was the emergence of Repentant Nader Voters from 2004 not a good enough reason to NOT run again? What more is there to do in this election other than screw it up for the democratic vote again?

Don’t get me wrong. Nader’s stance on certain issues aren’t that bad at all–some say he’s comparable to Kucinich.

But the timing is simply all bad…I mean it couldn’t be worse

I just want to know why…

Calling Nader’s move “very unfortunate,” Sen. Hillary Clinton told reporters, “I remember when he ran before. It didn’t turn out very well for anybody — especially our country.”

“This time I hope it doesn’t hurt anyone. I can’t think of anybody that would vote for Sen. McCain who would vote for Ralph Nader,” she said.

…well, this is one time where I’ve gotta agree with Hillary.