WARNING: not work safe

I’m actually pretty torn about this video teaser* for Kanye’s newest single, “Flashing Lights”

On one hand, it’s kinda cool to see a woman who has a body that a “regular gal” could have…not super skinny nor super toned. She is a far cry from the “skinny white girl” image we see all over the media–including in music videos. I love the concept–perhaps Kanye is toying with the hip hop is dead theme–or perhaps he’s suggesting that the Kanye we knew as an artist before is now dead and he has evolved/resurrected into a different artist, a different sound?

At the same time…I wonder why the model had to be prancing around in a thong in a video of this nature. why couldn’t she have been dressed sexy but strong, in a Uma-Thurman-in-Kill-Bill kind of way?

It’s been said that this is another example ofmisogyny and hypersexualization of Black women…though I wonder if Kanye will be called out for that since hip hop often gives kanye a pass—but that’s another story.

What do you all think?

*according to folks over at Honorable Media, this clip is meant to be a teaser for the real video and is not the video in its entirety.